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This 3 ton 4 way electric side loader machine was designed and built by ourselves, specificaly for long loads for use in the plastics industry and timber yards where they have worked successfullyfor several years. It has many unique features built in to keep the machine running until an engineer can call should anything breakdown. These machines are available for long or short term hire or to purchase lift heights range from 3m to 6.5m
Always Fork Trucks - Derby
  MotorsSegregated power controllers to each motor means this truck will still run even if one motor fails. Hydraulic "flexiselect" control ensures that any 1 of the 3 units can operate full vital truck systems in the event of a motor or pump failure
 ReachRack & pinion positive drive gives even speed control over the whole length of the reach with the minimum number of moving parts mounted to avoid ingress of debris into mechanism.
 Mast Designed specifically to withstand high torsional stresses induced by very long loads. The normal configuration includes a 3 metre faceplate with hydraulic fork positioner on a tilting fork carriage.
 CastorHeavy duty dual swivel unit mounted on a 12mm ball slew ring
 MotorsUniversal steering and drive from high duty motor in wheel traction units mounted at each end ensures solid traction at all times
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